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Throughout my youth, I have always had a meticulous eye for design and the burning desire to be in front of the camera. At 10 years old, I set my sights on creating my first “brand” – the Sparkle Sisters. Beginning as fictional personas for my friend and me to embody, we donned scarves on our heads and matching outfits. Yearning to bring my childhood dream of the Sparkle Sisters to life, I acted as an art director, copywriter, and graphic designer. I fondly recall the sleepless nights spent researching Adobe tutorials, growing inspired by my new interest. After creating a logo and mock website, I shared my passion with friends and family. Creativity persistently serves as my ultimate outlet. I excel at curating the imaginative vision of a project and delivering measurable results. I am someone who is incredibly outgoing, perceptive, and ambitious; my friends describe me as a naturally charismatic leader. Public speaking, problem-solving, and staying current on pop culture media and trends come as second nature.

The communications field defines public perception in the contemporary world. Shaping those impactful conversations positively is my primary goal. Leaving my hometown of Northern Virginia, my journey began at the University of Miami, where I acquired a bachelor’s of science in Public Relations and Creative Advertising with a minor in Philosophy. My thirst for knowledge incited my current pursuit of a master’s degree in Marketing Communication Management at the University of Southern California. My experiences in graduate school have allowed me to explore vital industry-related topics and dive into my own interests regarding human behavior, consumer values, and the importance of diversity. As a first-generation daughter of immigrants, I have mastered balancing my American and Indian identities and am confident in my comprehension of cross-cultural relations. By bringing my own unique voice into my work, whether it be modeling, writing, or creating, I aim to uplift minority stories and increase visibility as representation is essential both on and off the screen. My ancestry, language, beliefs, and everything in-between are a part of who I am and who I am becoming. Join me on my path – I am just a click away!

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